It is a blessing of Allah that the Quran is saved in the hearts of the Muslims. The memorization of the Quran is not less than a benediction to getting closer to Allah. Ilm-ul-Quran Online Academy provides experienced teachers for memorization facility at home. The effective methodology used by the qualified teachers is simple, effective, and interesting to make this process swift and easy for kids. However, memorization of the Quran depends upon the will, determination, and learning skills of the students to absorb things quickly.

Our professional academic staff members hold memorization certificates from the world’s recognized institutes. Our professional teachers are available 24/7. Even the school going students can easily avail of this opportunity. The parents can choose a time of their own choice. On average, a student takes 3 years to memorize the Quran. It is fixed in their hearts for the rest of their lives.

The teaching methodology followed by Ilm-ul-Quran Online Academy:

The dedicated Quran teachers of Ilm-ul-Quran Online Academy utilize the following strategy for memorization of the Quran.

  • In the beginning, the Quran teacher takes online class of 30 minutes to acclimate student with this learning procedure.
  • After one or two weeks (depending upon mental level) the class duration is increased to 60 minutes.
  • The teacher teaches effective techniques and online teaching tools to memorize the Quran smoothly. The teachers give lessons that are easily absorbed by your child.
  • The teachers regularly evaluate the students and overcome all the barriers with timely assessments.
  • The old memorized portion (approximately 20 to 30 days old) is also revised repeatedly to permanently memorize the Quran.

However, we advise students to stay persistent to achieve their goal, get up early in the morning, offer five prayers a day, and revise your lesson twice a day.