Client Review: How online Quran Academies are Helping to Learn the Quran in the US?

Client Review: How online Quran Academies are Helping to Learn the Quran in the US?

How online Quran Academies are Helping to Learn the Quran?

Asalam-o-Alikum, my name is Muhammad Hammad. I live in Florida, US. The number of Muslims is very low in this county. Likewise, it is difficult to find a mosque near me. The madrassah is situated at a distance of 2 hours drive from my home. I cannot take my children on a daily basis. It is almost impossible to locate a professional Islamic scholar in my town. Even some of them are very expensive. This situation made me frustrated. The precious time of my kids was wasting. Then one of my neighbors suggested me of finding a good online Quran Academy.

I found Ilum ul Quran Online Academy to teach the Quran for my kids. The online Quran for beginners is easy and facilitating as they can take online classes from home. They never feel overburdened by a strict schedule. The flexible routine is suitable for kids and teachers to take classes in their free time. You can consult your online teacher to select an appropriate time.

It was my first-time experience of learning the Quran with the online Quran Academy. To be very honest, I was afraid at first but everything went very well. The resumes of teachers were displayed on their online page. Although all of them are well competent yet I have to select one of them. The packages were also affordable. Soon after I sent them a query, they called me back and provide sufficient information.

The online Quran teacher informed about the working strategy. For beginners, Noorani Qaida is the best. It contains all the essential information that helps them to understand the Arabic language. Commonly, kids forget alphabets or they cannot correctly identify them. The professional Quran teacher focused on these two areas. He emphasized on back to back revision sessions to strengthen the concepts.

The online Quran for beginners is a safe and secure platform, as you can monitor them. The teachers used live video and audio streaming to deliver interactive lectures. During one-on-one sessions via Skype, the teacher focused on the pronunciation of alphabets. There are different positions in the mouth and throat to produce sounds of all alphabets. Only a good teacher knows how to teach the students to use each vocal point in the throat.

Not only my kids have learned the Quran but also their teacher equally focused on Islamic etiquette. The teacher taught them six kalmia, basics of iman e mufasil, daily supplications, methods of offering namaz, wuzu and ghusal methods, and many other things. These things have helped my kids to become a true Muslim.

It has been ten months since my kids are taking online classes. Alhumdulillah, my kids have become self-sufficient to recite the Quran. I daily ask my son to read the Quran eloquently because it soothes me. I recommend this online Quran Academy to all the parents who are really worried about the Islamic education of their kids. You will feel visible differences in orthoepy and Qiraat style in a very short time period.

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